Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Woman in All of Us

“The Woman in All of Us” is the name of this new artwork by MK.

drawing The Woman in All of Us
The Woman in All of Us

A wonderful and mysterious drawing. Keeps you guessing what it actually signifies. This is a snake woman conquering and dominating over a man. Is she evil? She is victorious! There is a downed, dead man in the background. Is this a sign that women rule over all mankind, as a whole? Does the title, “The Woman in All of Us” refer to the sinful nature of human beings, or the female species in general? Does it show every woman’s secret desires, or point of view? She is a snake, which could stand for evil. This snake creature or woman also has many other snakes on top of her head. Does this signify the power of women banding together, in order to obtain their goals, and defeat obstacles or barriers to their desired domination or success in life?
This is a beautiful drawing that can take on a different meaning.
You can purchase it here at M&M Pleasures online store

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